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Since 2004, GABelgimex, your partner in the production and distribution of Blanc-Bleu Belge bovine semen
supports you in producing profitable animals.
Our young and yet experienced, dynamic, straightforward and helpful team advises you in your decisions
and the direction of your choices in your breeding.

Discover our company

Our story

Since May 2017, our company has a completely new production site (built especially for this activity) rented in SOVET, a village of the CINEY municipality, which can accommodate up to 75 bulls.
For the first time, the administrative offices and the production area are located on the same site.

In 2007, Belgimex upr became the main shareholder of GAB.
Until May 2017, GABelgimex had a leased production site in Wuustwezel, in the province of Antwerp. 20 to 25 Belgian-Blue bulls were collected there twice a week.

In July 2004, Belgimex upr set up the cooperative company “GABelgimex scrl”, a branch producing and distributing Belgian-Blue bovine semen (BBB).
This creation was initiated during the merger of Haliba and Linalux. At the time, the various breeders at the board table wanted to avoid a monopoly in Belgian Blue cattle genetics.
The day-to-day management of the company is done in direct collaboration with this board of directors.

Our Philosophy

A careful selection of Belgian-blue bulls destined to enter our collection centre. For this, we have at our disposal all the knowledge of our purchasing commission composed of 5 breeders from all regions of the country. They are supported in their task by our entire team of collaborators.
Semen production is quality oriented. Our board of directors is firm on this point.
“Quality is better than quantity”.
A wide range of high-quality Belgian-blue bulls is available to breeders.
Maintaining a course of action to achieve the objectives that are so necessary for the continued existence of the Belgian Blue breed.

Our objectives

Continuing to develop the Belgian-Blue breed and help breeders to produce profitable animals (quality, weight, profitability, hardiness, with the most meaty aptitude…this is the only way to differentiate us from competing breeds and remember that the BBB has an obvious added value).
Establishing ourselves in a sustainable and prosperous way in the world of the Belgian-blue.
Providing the best possible support to farmers with a notion of service rendered. Our team is in line with this state of mind.

Our assets

Management by a team of breeders, which means that the company’s decisions and orientations are taken for the community good of our profession.
A young but yet experienced, dynamic, simple and helpful team.
An ever-increasing demand and a constant evolution of our customer base.
A confidence in our products and in our quality production of semen.
Gainful results, whether at competitions or in the various genetic evaluations, which in just a few years is already a great business card!
Every year, several of our bulls are ranked among the top bulls passing on the breed!

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